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The Queen of Mist and Memory by Avalon
MSR, AU, Angst.
During a trip to England, Mulder and Scully find themselves trapped in the legendary court of Camelot. As they search for a way to return to their lives, Scully finds herself forgetting who she truly is. [MA]
The Quiet Edges by Jintian
Close encounters of the first kind.
Redhead Dancing Girl by SisterZooey
UST/MSR.  Post-"Millenium".
Scully shows us her girlish side.
Reflections of a Rainy Night by D. Lynn
Vignette, UST, DAL.
An innocent question leads Mulder into contemplation.
Salt by Anjou
A quiet tale about dreams that haunt Scully.
The Second to Last 7-Eleven by V. Salmone
MSR, X, A.
"Across the street, a bank clock proclaimed it was 99 degrees, and the sky was black from another fire." An unusual story about the bonds of family. [MA]
Silence Waiting by Jesemie's Evil Twin
MSR. Angst. Other romance.
"I saw old Autumn in the misty morn stand shadowless like
Silence, listening to silence..."  -- Thomas Hood  
Mulder and Scully get involved in  a strange case just after the events of "Amor Fati". [MA]
Sleep Alone by Foxsong
V, MSR, Post-col. 10K.
'At least we were together holding hands, Flying through the sky' -- Moby,"Sleep Alone"
Small Lives Awake by Jesemie's Evil Twin
M/S, Story, Oddness, Alt-U. Thanksgiving, 2000.
"For it is important that awake people be awake, or a breaking line may discourage them back to sleep; the signals we give -- yes or no, or maybe -- should be clear: the darkness around us is deep." (William Stafford) [MA]
Soluble by Lilydale
V, MSR, Scully Angst. PG.
A soulful vignette set during Mulder's absence.
Sore Luck at the Luxor by Anubis
Mulder and Scully go undercover in Las Vegas. [MA]
The Spirit Quest by Amy Schatz
MSR, Angst. 414K.
Late one night, Mulder gets the worst news of his life. But as time passes, he comes to find that not all was as it seemed. Can he put the pieces together in time, and can he and Scully ever be truly free to live their lives?
Spooky Scully and the Ice King by Gina Rain
MSR, S, A. Post-Existence.
"Sometimes, in order to face the future, you need to visit the past." Mulder and Scully reflect on a turning point in their past.
The Spring Within by Lynn Saunders
MSR, RST. 26K. Post-Ep Orison.
After Donnie Pfaster's death, Mulder takes Scully away to somewhere she is able to shake off the last tendrils of winter in her heart.
The Stars Are Not Wanted Now by Jenna Tooms
"Nothing now can ever come to any good." Mulder's funeral.
Strange Fruit by Punk Maneuverability
Pomegranates, kisses, and Mulder.
Subaqueous by Melymbrosia
"all things" post-ep.
Sweet Madness by Belle
SRA. Post-ep for "all things".
Mulder and Scully need to sort  through the questions and confusion to figure out what happens next.
Timeline by Gwinne
Set during Mulder's absence, Scully finds herself thinking of how we mark the passage of time.
Timing is Nothing by Gina Rain
MSR, Angst; RST/UST. 32K.
Post-Sein Und Zeit/Closure. Is there such a thing as perfect timing?
Tine Rua by Menagerie
Novel. M/S UST, H. Eventual MSR. 420K.
Phoebe Green is back and Scully isn't having it. Phoebe tries to enlist Mulder's help with a case and gets the agents entangled in an international crime. A wonderful novel that mixes action with romance and a mostly angst-free depiction of Mulder & Scully's relationship. [MA]
Touching Velvet by prufrock's love
Vignette, MSR.
"It's not our first kiss, not even the second time my lips have touched hers, but this is different. This is getting to touch."
A Train in the Distance by Nynaeve
Sometimes, parents do know what they're talking about.
Triebe by FabulousMonster
"A person can't deny their destiny." Think of this wonderful story as an alternate set of flashbacks for "Per Manum", a different version much more satisfying to shippers.
Underneath the Waves by crwth
Post-ep for "Tithonus". UST, Angst. 58K.
"I asked Fellig how one could have too much life; the question, in retrospect, seems almost arrogant. I'd figured I had a right to speak of such things, I know better now."
Undone by august
"I am made by her, and undone." - T. Gunn.
The Unfinished Universe by Revely
S/MSR/AU. 100K.
A journey home for Scully and Mulder, after he is returned. This story takes a different turn, mid-season 8.
Unintended Consequences by Sarah Segretti
Just when you think you know how you'd react to a horrific event, life steps up to surprise you.
Vitality by Vivian
Scully POV, M&S friendship. 15K.
Sometimes everyone needs a refresher course on who they are.
What Happens to the Dreamers by Buckingham
M/S, A. 119K. Season 7/8.
If only you'd believe in miracles... a lyrical story of two people letting go of one dream and reaching for another.
When the Time is Right by Tess
MSR; angst.
A unique story about how change comes when you are least able to handle it. [MA]
You Move by Avalon
V, MSR, A.
You move, together. A dark story about needing. [MA]