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Identity Crisis by Alelou
V, H, UST.
Sometimes it’s the little things in life that really make you lose it. Scully’s dark night of the soul occurs when she can’t wear high heels.
Images by Dreamshaper
Mulder and Scully face the woods again and it's dangerous, as usual... but in an unusual way.
Impasse by Agent L
V, Missing scene from "Three Words".
An angst-ridden look at the distance between Mulder and Scully in this episode.
Imperfect by CGB
V, MSR, A. "all things" missing scene.
When Skinner asks her a question, Scully reflects on a memory. [MA]
In Spring by JHJ Armstrong
A year in the life. As the seasons change, so does Scully's answer.
Intimate Things by Andrea
Scully finds that sometimes, intimacy just isn't enough.
It Came in the Mail by Forte
ScullyAngst, implied MSR. Post-Requiem.
Someone's trying to tell Scully something.
It's Been Awhile by Fabulous Monster
MSR, Angst. 56K.
Welcome back, Agent Mulder. Nowhere Man. This story fleshes out Mulder's return in season eight.
Journal 1999 by MD1016
Post-colonization. MSR.
The first three months of post-colonization Earth from Scully's point of view. In this strange new world, Mulder and Scully are part of the Resistance -- but only have each other to count on. [MA]
Journal 2000 by MD1016
Post-colonization. MSR, 432K.
The struggle continues. [MA]
Knowledge by Oracle
Scully POV, UST. 9K.
Does she hope for something to happen, or know that something will happen?
The Last Long Haul by Jaime Lyn
M/S UST (hinted MSR). post "all things".
In this angst-filled piece, Scully asks Mulder, "How do you get drunk?"
The Last Picture (by the fork in the road) by Gina Rain
UST, Scully POV. 23K. Post-Dreamland.
Feeling unsettled? Get back in the damned car.
The Letting Go by Avalon
S, MSR, A.
"She can't help wondering if she will meet this same end, dying in a quicksand of her own making, drowning in her mind that won't allow her to forgive." A wonderful story about truth and hurt and moving on.
Life As We Live It by Jaime Lyn
MSR, Mid-Requiem. 38K.
A closer look at the events between Mulder & Scully in "Requiem", and the steps that brought them there. [MA]
Light From Shadows by
M/S UST to MSR. Casefile. 450K.
While the partners search for the truth, Mulder begins to doubt his own innocence.[MA]
A Little Night Music by Susan
Vignette, UST.
Mulder, Scully, a stakeout, some crickets, and a bit of banter.
Making Moves by aRcaDIaNFall$
UST, Angst. 20K.
Mulder's not sleeping well...and Scully finds out it's she's both cause and cure.
Manifest Destiny by Kelida Flynn and Slippin' Mickeys
SRA, Novel.
In a post-colonization world wracked by upheaval, Mulder and Scully must battle to find themselves, each other, and the vaccine, with the help of those they meet along the way. Out of a world encrusted with ash, they must rise.
March 5, 1993 by Brandon D. Ray
Toniann's Note: This is my favorite story, and a must-read for all fans of MSR.
He comes to her in the still of night, after she is sound asleep.
Melancholia by Jeylan
A wayward walk on a ghostless, haunted afternoon. A wonderful scene is brought to us with beautiful language and imagery. [MA]
Midair by Georgia
UST. Post-ep for Orison.
A moment of transition as Mulder and Scully face what lies between them.
A Mild Theodicy by foxcub
M/S UST. Angst.
Mulder goes on the ultimate guilt trip.
Minya Minuet by Mish
S, some H, MSR, Post-ep for Empedocles. 25K.
Mulder and Scully do Fred and Ginger while Godzilla DJ's. A fun and romantic bit of banter.
Mortal Stakes by Brandon Ray
Novel. MSR, Angst, X-File. 436K.
"Duty calls," Mulder said, reaching down and pulling her up after him. There's been an explosion and fire at the Watergate."
"And?" Scully followed him down the hall towards the bedroom. "Why did Skinner call us?"
"This is big," her partner replied. "They've already recovered thirty bodies, and it's sure to go higher. He said it could be another Oklahoma City." [MA]
My Turn by RosesDecay
The clock is ticking and Mulder's losing.
No Strings Attached by aRcaDIaNFall$
Vignette, UST. 18K.
A simple night in suburbia.
Not Paranoid Enough by Maidenjedi
Byers POV, post-ep for "This Is Not Happening".
"No matter how paranoid you are, you aren't paranoid enough." -- Suzanne Modeski
Old Growth Forest by Andrea
MSR, Alt-U. 238K.
Mulder and Scully take an unexpected trip through time that changes their lives forever. [MA]
Parabiosis by Penumbra
MSR. A sweeping tale of Mulder and Scully, interwoven with the events of the season seven. Amazingly brilliant and mesmerizing.
Parole by Sarah Stella
V, M/S UST, Maggie POV.
An outsider's perspective.
Past Melting by Shawne
"And that was all she needed to do what she had to do. To forget the past, to forget the feelings. To ignore the past, to ignore the feelings. It was simple -- after a while, it became a matter of habit."
A Plan Well Made by Flynn
MSR, Mild MT. 28K. Set mid season 7.
For once, he wants to get it right.
The Playground Series by Fialka: Seesaw, Swings and Roundabouts, Sandbox
MSR, RST; Angst.
This three-part story is a refreshing take on what would happen if Mulder & Scully had ever decided to take the romance plunge. As this wonderful author says in "Sandbox", "Balance is a hard thing to keep when the sands continue to shift." [MA]