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Advent of Morning by PD
V, MSR. Missing scene for "all things".
Does fate or chance determine our choices? Is it still fate if we choose the other path?
All the Way Home by syntax6
Casefile, MSR. 278K. [MA]
A tale of shoes and death. Highly recommended.
As by Dri
Note: this is compilation of everything that is available so far.
MSR; angst, FlickFic. A fantastic new story by a terrific author.
The Bar Scene: Race The Wind by Michelle Kiefer
V, A. UST. 14K. Post-"Never Again".
Maybe it was as simple as wanting to see if her body remembered how to respond.
Part of a series,The Bar Scenes.
Beside Me by Amanda Barnes
Bill accompanies Scully to a 9 a.m. obstetrician appointment.
Between the Lines Fantastic by KatyBlue
S A, MSR, somewhat AU. 
An alternate new partner for Scully in the wake of Mulder's disappearance. 
Bloodline and Bloodline II by Cecily Sasserbaum
SRA; angst.
An unexpected discovery forces Mulder and Scully to make difficult choices.
Brave New World by Meredith
Scully moves to Portland to continue the search for Mulder on her own.
By the Window Hearing Light by Jesamie's Evil Twin
M/S Angst.
"Is it so small a thing to have enjoy'd the sun, to have lived light in the spring, to have loved..." (Matthew Arnold) Scully dreams of a future she knows can never be.
Celebration by Jess M.
Scully ruminates on Catholic jokes, Mulder's connection to sea water, and sex.[MA]
Champagne High by Samantha L. Caldwell
MSR. 33K.
"He was enchanted by this woman, this beautiful siren who looked up at him through long eyelashes, smiled in that twinkling way, lifted her arms to the heavens and laughed like she was crazy."
Chapter and Verse by Lucy Garner
Diana pays an unwelcome visit.
Collapse by Elanor G
X, MSR, A. 127K
Mulder and Scully investigate a group suicide with cult overtones - but things may not be what they seem. As they race to prevent more deaths, Scully searches for the truth behind her vision in the Buddhist temple, and Mulder confront some of his own inner demons.
Coming Clean by Emmyjean
V, UST, Angst.
Takes place after the events of "The End".  How do Mulder and Scully deal with the immediate aftermath of the torching of their office?
Continuum by Lynn Saunders
MSR/RST. 21K. Pre/Post-Theef.
The time doesn't matter, he thinks as they drift in a sea of their own making. For this perfect moment, time does not exist. [MA]
Days of Our Lives by Exe1121
SRA. 33K.
An episodic journey towards each other, piece by piece, day by day.
Deus Ex Machina by Kelly Keil
S, H, A, MSR.
Scully is adopted by a cat with an ulterior motive in a fic destined to please any cat lover.
Don't Go by DM
VRA, UST. A missing scene from "Requiem".
"She wasn't a selfish woman, not by any means. Tonight, however, she would be selfish. She would do anything to keep him from leaving her side." 
Emergence by Susan
SRA. MSR, Angst. 89K
Mulder goes to Quonochontaug to sort out his life after the events of Sein Und Zeit and Closure.
Energy and Light by Oracle
Casefile. UST/MSR. 125K.
Four girls have vanished, each one on a different night. Each one by the light of a full moon. Is it just a coincidence?
Epiphany by MaybeAmanda
A post-Requiem, post-return story about bridging the gaps.
Fifth Day in Paradise by Kate Rickman
Casefile, MSR. 250K.
En route to the scene of an X-File, Mulder and Scully are stranded in the snowy wilderness after their rental car breaks down on a deserted road. Instead of finding their way back to civilization, they stumble into a treacherous plot that could cost them their lives. Through it all, Scully struggles to accept her deepening relationship with Mulder.
Forgiveness Revisited by Robby Keofe
MSR; Mulder POV.
The hours preceding "Arcadia," and a few lost minutes from their first night at the Falls.
The Genesis Project by aRcaDIaNFall$
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X-File MSR.
Mulder and Scully find themselves responsible for the safety of three children after an investigation into the deaths of two scientists working on a top-secret genetics experimental project.
Getting Caught by Dusina Wong
SRA. Vignette.
Scully tries to talk some sense into a drunken Mulder.
Ghost of a Chance by Avalon and Marie Endres
X, S, A; MSR. Doggett unrequited UST. Set post-Existence. 157K.
A phone call from his estranged wife forces Agent Doggett to face his demons, dragging Mulder and Scully along into the abyss. [MA]
Grand Canyon Suite by Michelle Kiefer
Mulder explains an important difference of perception to Scully.
The Great Beyond by Buckingham
MSR; A/U post Existence.
A few days in Mulder's new life, and a beautiful depiction of change.
He Walks Down the Road by KatyBlue
MSR, Mulder POV, post-Requiem.
A return after a long journey, as Mulder makes his way back home. Definitely my favorite post-Requiem story.
His Child by Jaime Lyn
S, A, MSR.
Sometimes, life can be a series of bad dreams. When does Scully start to feel like a mother?
Hormonal Blues by Donna
MSR, Angst. 13K.
All those chemicals in her body, surely she was affected. A great story about a difficult time in Mulder & Scully's lives.
Hour of Need by MickiRed
The death of an old boyfriend has Scully questioning whether the path she's on is leading her where she wants to go.
How It Begins by Rah
V, MSR, Post-Existence. Mulder POV.
A wonderful and ethereal look at the beginning of fatherhood.